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About ME

Thank you for coming to my site!

Learn how I really could best take care of my family, and I needed to take control of my health after losing much of my loved once to heart disease.

I became certified as fitness and nutrition teacher and went back to college. I was aware that I needed to spread the message:

You Have the Super Power to Be Healthy!

For the past twenty-five years, I've studied and written about healthful living, developed heart healthy recipes, diabetes prevention classes and healthy cooking classes, healthy lifestyle workshops, and taught fitness.

I 'm most proud of my job as a wife and mother of two good sons, and jointly with my husband of thirty years, we have created a healthy lifestyle for our family on five acres in the country, complete with a vegetable garden, herb garden, and orchard.

Besides canning and cooking, my favorite hobbies are hiking, walking in nature, kayaking and having fun with family and friends.

I am from Greece, and I feel proud of my country. I love the world, and I want to help people live beautiful lives!